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Jango player 4 chrome browser

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Welcome back after some time, i was quite busy. Don't worry this will be short post ;). In last months i tried many internet radios, i already wrote something about that, one of radios which i visited was Jango, year ago it was not a good option, many bugs, crappy interface, and no clients for other platforms at all. Things changed...

Now it is for me best radio in whole web :D (thanks Tomas for letting me discover it again ;)). Radio give us all features known from other players like opportunity to "Love" or "Hate" songs, sharing or buying tracks etc. Scrobbling to last.fm would be awesome, but u can make it with Chrome Extensions like Scroblr for examle. All this things and a lot of more waiting for you completely for free. Amazing !

Anyway, i'm using it in work, home and even while traveling via Android client, but mostly via website in Chrome Browser. I use Chrome for many things and always have many tabs opened, so it was annoying when i want skip song or just "love" song, and every time i am forced to find jango tab between many others and do it in it. So i coded Chrome Extension to make it simple and fast, and now i share it with you.

Download HERE !

Installation is easy:

  1. Click Download
  2. Allow Download in download bar
  3. Allow Installation in popup
  4. Jango icon will appear at right side of address bar
  5. Refresh yours Jango tab
  6. By clicking extension icon you will see little player :)
  7. Now you can pin Jango Radio tab and forget about it :D
I hope you enjoy it :) I waiting for your opinion and feedback. In future i want to make client for BadaOS and Windows Phone 7... of course if Jango creators will be interested ;)

UPDATE: From no Jango Player is available in official Chrome WebStore for FREE! It has been updated to version 1.2.1 due to manifest changes. Hope you enjoy it ! Click HERE!!

Jango player 4 chrome browser
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